Thursday, February 25, 2010

well, i did it. i got a job...not only that, but a job in a museum. the great thing about the museum that i landed this job with: it's a small museum still slowly and carefully growing meaning i actually have the opportunity to make a big difference here. it's exciting, actually, to see all of the potential for this place and to know that my experience has put me in the position to actually help encourage some of that potential!

thursdays are the hardest days only because the museum is open for seven straight hours and i'm the only one guaranteed to be there all seven...the rest of the day is up for grabs, the curator, director, cleaning lady, archivist, interns, etc, all coming and going at random times. last week i closed by myself and it was a bit spooky turning down the lights in the galleries when it was already dark outside...but tonight i feel safer, especially knowing that my friend will be waiting outside for me when i'm done locking up.

tonight is project runway and then a late showing of Shutter Island...not bad for a thursday, plus everyone seems to be going out of town this weekend so i'll have plenty of time to catch up on sleep when i'm not working.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes when plagued with what I'd like to blame on bad luck, I often think, "why me?" [as I think we're all guilty of doing from time to time] and then shortly thereafter I'm rewarded with bouts of good luck which often seem only to come about in the face of the bad luck. So, I guess the lesson is that it's best to wait until you can see the bigger picture before you start questioning your obstacles. It's not that you shouldn't fight against injustice or stop working hard at something that doesn't come naturally to you, but instead you should recognize that this may be happening so that you can be that person to right the wrongs, develop the skills, and make something amazing out of something mediocre!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

have had a hard past few weeks but friday really turned things around for me. first, i woke early and was ready with 40 minutes to spare before work. normally i'd whip up some eggs or toast and be on my way, but my roommate's mother is staying with us meaning my roommate's sleeping on the couch. so, in an attempt to let her soundly sleep the few measly hours fashion design senior's are afforded before a big fashion show [(in)sight], i left for work early. not only did i make this off-beat decision but i decided that despite the soggy snowflakes and sidewalk slush, walking to work sounded like a great idea. even stopping at lori's for a soy chai and muffin before crossing the street to my office, i still managed to arrive a few minutes early.

after a short work day, i took a couple buses to south minneapolis for my job interview. now, i could go into great detail about the fascinating escapades to be had on the 2 that afternoon, but i will instead consolidate them to: cursing bus driver who just wants to "be a good provider," chats about the skyway lounge, and gets into a conversation about jimmy dean and other deans. the interview pleased me no matter the outcome, though naturally i have a desire for one outcome above any other. i was verbally/sexually harrassed on my way to the bus ["d**n, girl, you have the most beautiful legs, my god!"] after the interview and i was in such a good mood that i said, without thinking until after the words escaped my mouth, "thank you!"

while waiting for the bus and calling my mother to tell her about the interview, i noticed a black and green button which stood out in contrast to the bits of white snow that had crowded into the bus shelter. i bent over to discover that it said "art junkie" and decided this was kismet. i'm always a sucker for signs.

the rest of the afternoon/evening were spent with miss sarah busing from east bank to downtown to uptown then back to downtown before i made my last bus ride home. we had some good talks and purchased adorable coffee drinking receptacles at various stores so overall it was a successful visit.

today was all about fashion...a shopping spree with my grandmother and the fashion show i mentioned earlier. now, miss brooke and myself shall embark upon what i hope shall prove to be a fantastic cinematic experience: watching Son of Ranbow on dvd. thank you, netflix, and goodnight internet!