Tuesday, December 22, 2009

well, i'm already missing summer. don't get me wrong, december is one of my favorite months of the year...starting with my birthday on the first and going straight through to new years eve, it's a busy but joy-filled time of year...however, after all of the great, fresh produce i got from the farmer's market this summer, i'm getting pretty sick of frozen veggies. i miss big, beautiful salads like this [which was made from ingredients shown above]:

however, this autumn i made a lot of great food using the produce i DO have access too. i made a few different lentil loaves, starting with this one:

[messy and kind of unattractive...just like meatloaf! haha.]

i served it beside some mashed up baked squash with a potato to which i added some Earth Balance, garlic, parsley, and black pepper...it was delicious! the lentil loaf itself sort of crumbled apart, but the flavors were all great.

For dessert, my friend helped me put together a vegan chocolate pie. it turned out really tasty...very rich and creamy:

I have more autumnal food pictures [and they're much prettier than these] that i'll post another time. for now, i'm just excited about the delicious wintery/comfort food we eat on christmas eve eve every year: baked vegan macaroni and cheese anyone?

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  1. AWESOME photos. now i am craving a beautiful colorful summer salad... and lentil loaf.