Thursday, May 20, 2010

despite how thoroughly exhausted i am today, i can't stop thinking about how great last night was and how wonderful my friends are. we went out dancing and i didn't pay a dime, and then S slept over at my place and we stayed up far too late talking. we hadn't had a really good talk like that in a long time so it was nice. we also hung out in the park by my apartment this morning before she left. her bike got stolen overnight (from the 24 hour grocery store she'd left it locked by before going into the club last night) and she had to walk home today from midway but even still, i think a good time was had by all. however, i didn't take any pictures last night so you'll just have to use your imagination: there was a lot of dancing, a lot of sweating, and a lot of talking.

i DO have photographs from the last few weeks, though, so i can catch you up on all you've missed.

i woke up early for a therapy appointment one Tuesday so L and i visited the farmers market after. the selection was minimal but i still had spinach from the st paul market the previous sunday so we decided to do some cooking. we made pasta salad and spinach dip. oh, and we enjoyed wine in the afternoon. i felt like i was on Cougar Town and in the best way possible. there was of course some rockband played...several times over the last few weeks. heck, we even made brunch...and lefse!

okay. i'm sick of the messed up formatting so i'll end this now. but the point is: i may not have been in the best mood/frame of mind, but i've had good friends, good family, and good times to get me through. <3<3


  1. I've found the soy pudding at Kroger and Whole Foods. G'luck finding it because it's awesome.

  2. I see you Marcus and Steph! I wish I knew you had this earlier. I love reading blogs!!