Saturday, March 20, 2010

giving thanks.

alright, i already missed day 2 of blogging my thanks. but i'm back! and mildly bored at work, so what a great moment to take on my appreciation:

1)i'm grateful that i was able to spend a quiet night in after work last night.
2)i'm glad that i did not have to light a fire or make coffee for the event this morning, but did a fine enough job on my speech.
3)i'm sooo appreciative that the curator got me coffee this morning so i didn't have to make nasty folgers...
4)my bank account will be glad that i got 4 extra hours of work this morning for more or less just sitting in the office online...
5)i'm grateful that there are ridiculous people dressed in victorian garb wandering around the museum right now...they were speakers at the event this morning and it's hilarious how seriously they take themselves.
6)i'm pumped that i'm going out for Japanese food in lowertown after work.
7)i'm super thankful that my lovely roommate gave me a ride this morning so I didn't have to be on a bus at 7:45am.
8)i'm glad that the sun is shining today -- much lovelier than yesterday's gray skies!
9)i'm glad that i have exciting saturday-night plans to keep my mind off of lame people who are not worth my time.
10)i'm grateful that i'm even able to be grateful about so many things every day!

aaaaand i'm out...


  1. it was just some speech about the history of the mansion and why they should become members, yadda yadda.