Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Idea

Alright, here it is folks...I'm going to be posting 10 things I'm grateful for on this blog from now on...I'll try to get it daily, but I'm sure I won't always be able to.

Anyway, here goes:

1) Spring seems to have finally arrived...despite the potential sleet coming in a few hours and the wind that's eerily howling through the museum windows right now.
2) I have a great job where I'm surprised and enlightened each day.
3) I have awesome friends who, despite warning me all along about things I was too stubborn to listen to, are there when things go wrong.
4) I had my first day off in over a MONTH on Tuesday...I slept until 11, did laundry, and enjoyed was glorious.
5) I got to spend last night dancing with my friends and having a great St. Patrick's Day.
6) I get to close the museum in 7 minutes and go home for Project Runway with the ladies.
7) Brooke's bringing me something delicious for dinner later from House of Wong.
8) My apartment is relatively clean since I went on an it's-nice-outside-so-I'll-open-all-the-windows-and-clean binge the other always feels good to go home to a clean place.
9) Lots of exciting things this weekend -- if I can stay awake for them all!
10) Good books I've been reading made it hard to choose what I wanted to read so I'm excited to be taking advantage of both my freedom and my long bus rides to work everyday!

alright...not the most interesting post, but I promise they'll get better...!

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