Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a few things...

first of all, i am worried the head-cold which recently took its toll on my roommate's immune system and is currently reeking havoc on another friend may be working its way into my body's consciousness so i relieved my aching throat and chilled body with a deliciously wholesome and comforting meal of ramen noodles/soup base, broccoli, carrots, peapods, an egg, and a couple of chicken gyoza. oh, and a necessary side of sriracha of course.

before all that, i was standing at the bus stop and i realized i was seeing something similar for the second time in two days. i'm a complete and utter fool for signs...all about semiotics and potentialities. in any case, yesterday while waiting at the bus stop to head to my therapy appointment, i came across this:

and then today while waiting at the bus stop from the museum [on my way home] i found this:

for now i'll just think of it as a coincidence, but i'm on the lookout for more bus stop sidewalk street art. if i can find enough this spring, perhaps i'll make it a summer blog/project...bus lines all around town will get to know this girl right here!

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  1. nice - reminds me of when you visited california and came back putting eggs in your ramen. then you did a big presentation in school about how to cook ramen!