Friday, April 23, 2010

well, the standard 'weekend' is here. due to finances being a bit tight [i'm down to one job!] i don't plan on doing a whole lot - especially since it's not MY weekend quite yet. however, i'd like to point out how almost absolutely PERFECT it is that the farmers market closest to my humble abode happens to be a Tuesday market which is part of my 'weekend'...! i'd even love to hit up one of the markets that opens up tomorrow morning seeing as I don't work until 1pm, but we'll see...i suppose with the threat of rain, markets may not be as happening. another thing i'd really like to do is check out some of the films at the International Film Festival - but again, we'll see. it's rough when my friends work almost exclusively evenings and i work almost exclusively daytime hours.

i believe this time of year may quite possibly be my favorite...minus allergies, of course! the sun is bright but thunderstorms are always looming, festivals begin, markets open, plant sales lead many a student to scamper around campus with tiny cacti or behemoth vines, and i can't help but smile when i see legal adults leaping on the gargantuan, rainbow-colored, blow-up obstacle course in front of Coffman signaling the weekend humbly entitled 'Spring Jam'. for all of you spring jammers out there, may you have a SAFE weekend free of tear gas and riots - i expect the rain might put some of the typical shenanigans safely back inside the houses of dinkytown rather than allowing them to pour into the streets a la last year's fiasco. as for me, i'll be working at a 40 year old's birthday bash in the museum tomorrow night...jealous?

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