Monday, April 5, 2010

har mar superstar + grilling...i feel summertime!

this was an eventful weekend full of fun [and with it, pictures]. saturday after work, b and i got dinner at pizza luce. no pictures, but it was delicious. then we spent some time with boo while getting ready...

and what were we getting ready for, you might ask? well, i had the fortune of winning tickets to the Har Mar Superstar WAMplified performance which in many ways was born from a lot of sessions during my internship at the Weisman last year. it was a fun night, full of sweaty Har Mar glamour.

later we spent some time singing karaoke at grumpy's. i sang 'tears dry on their own' by amy winehouse and b + l sang a few songs they are performing a cher gem.

my friends and i decided, after they demolished the produce section at trader joe's the other day, to grill after we were finished with family time on easter. so, in the early evening b picked me up and i hauled my little charcoal grill into her backseat. we spent hours outside chatting with friends, taking pictures, and eating delicious food. i have a feeling this will be a regular occurrence this summer. here are some gems from the long, wonderful evening.

i hope you all had lovely weekends. i'm grateful for my friends and family who make each day worth waking up!


  1. i am stealing that photo of boo.

  2. my friends, Aaron and Shaun, are in the tree - and you can totally steal that photo of Boo, haha.